14 December, 12:30 - 13:05 HKT

STEAM Showcase: Integrating Project-based Learning and Smart Platforms

21st Century Classroom


This project is aimed at promoting students’ creativity and problem-solving skills through inquiry-based learning. Students are required to design a ‘Technology product for the elderly’ to address the needs of the elderly.

Teaching strategies include group collaboration, field investigation, and prototype production, allowing students to learn and experience in different contexts. For example, students explore relevant technological products and design principles through market research and product design.

Throughout the programme, students will utilise online platforms to engage in project-based learning, practice continually, and reflect on their progress while mastering relevant knowledge and skills. Finally, teachers and students provide feedback and evaluation on the platform.

This open lesson will cover the students' learning process, changes in their learning attitudes, and learning outcomes, including:
1. How students utilise online platforms for project-based learning, with completing various tasks and mutual evaluations;
2. How various learning activities establish students' learning attitudes and habits, and how they communicate with their team members during the process; and
3. How students gradually build their confidence through completing the prototype production and presentation.

Participants of this seminar will understand :
1. How to use the functions of the CocoRobo online platform to help students conduct ‘goal-task-evaluation’ project-based learning activities;
2. The importance of collecting process evidence from the perspective of scaffolding for students to carry out projects; and
3. How to use online platforms to alleviate the burden of leading project-based learning for teachers.