13 December, 14:45 - 15:20 HKT

How Reading Across the Curriculum Promotes Audience Awareness in Writing

K12 Theatre


The research project is based on how reading across the curriculum links with writing across the curriculum. The teaching of tone is less focused on in the classroom, and students are unaware of the audience outside of the classroom. For instance, they appear too formal in a piece of writing that is mainly informal, and vice versa. Therefore, it is suggested to read authentic texts across the curriculum to enhance students’ audience awareness in writing, particularly in terms of genre conventions and the use of tone. Through collaboration (collaborative writing), analysis of the reading texts, students co-construct the knowledge of tone and genre formats (feature article, research article). Teachers will learn to apply pedagogical frameworks and strategies for planning and implementing reading across the curriculum in the English classrooms in secondary schools. Teachers will also learn to apply reading across the curriculum specifically through text analysis that connects reading and writing skills.