15 December, 15:30 - 16:05 HKT

Artificial Intelligence: The Catalyst for e-reading



In this session, the speaker will introduce a project by the Hong Kong publishing industry aimed at accelerating digital transformation in e-book and audiobook publishing. Their conversion platform utilises AI technology to streamline the publishing process of e-book and audio book. The advancements in technology have made e-book and audiobook publishing faster and more convenient. The application of AI in translation not only saves time and costs but also reduces reliance on human translators. The ‘e-book publishing conversion platform’ enables the translation of Chinese books into English.

Additionally, through ‘text-to-speech’ conversion technology, e-books can be transformed into audio books in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

The speaker aims to share the project with educators and establish collaboration with schools, teachers, and students to facilitate the creation of school-based e-books and audiobooks that enhance the learning experience.

Furthermore, the speaker seeks to explore potential partnerships with the teaching community and education-related charitable organisations. By doing so, the application of e-reading in education can be better promoted, allowing schools to embrace new methods of creating learning resources.