13 December, 10:15 - 10:50 HKT

Learning about Chords

21st Century Classroom


The topic of ‘Chords’ is an important concept in music. Different combination of chords can be created to different types of musical style and mood. Students have to understand the function of Chords in music.

This module is mainly designed with Cooperative Teaching. Through some collaborative activities, students can experience rehearsal and performance, learn cooperation with others, and deepen understanding of the topic.

In this open lesson, the speaker will demonstrate:
1. The emphasis of Cooperative Teaching in Music Subject;
2. Assist students in understanding abstract topics with using some daily life examples;
3. The integration of GarageBand and traditional teaching methods to enhance interactivity; and
4. Sharing the extension activities and discussing the difficulties and challenges that encountering during the lesson.

Participants of this open lesson can use GarageBand to perform with other participants, experiencing the joy of playing together while reinforcing the subject knowledge.